What am I doing?

Working on a steampunk styled flash drive. I started with tearing apart a small drive, to look at the size of the circuitry etc, to determine size scale of my new drive. I cut a piece of copper tubing and warmed it with a torch, so that I could then flatten it a little with […]

Time Management In My Studio

dog chasing squirrel

Time management has been a big problem since I’ve been not employed by a regular paycheque. It’s something I’ve struggled a lot with. Trying to accomplish all the things in my head…and believe me it never stops… when I’m clicking along, is great, but then, sometimes its just too overwhelming, and I end up shutting […]

Encouraging Creativity

papier mache

Creativity and self expression are important to us as a species. Not just artistic creation, but all forms of creativity. I have to thank my mom for allowing me to experiment and play with all things artistic. Coming up on what would’ve been her 82nd birthday, I keep thinking about all the crazy ideas she […]

In the Studio

Today, I’m working on cleaning up this mess. The studio has been in disarray for a while now. It seems to be the course..I work and work and work, and then one day, I look up from it all, and need to tame the chaos a bit before I can continue. There’s Cilla in the […]

Westland Exhibition

Putting three pieces in the upcoming Westland Square Foot Show. Two of them Bio Sphere and Body Electric are a little different for me, but I still like the direction they are headed. At Westland Gallery in Wortley Village – 156 Wortley Road